Wolfman’s Hangover

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Worley eventually filed this as work-related research for writing on "Terriers," and got a sizeable tax deduction for all the Her Pleasure condoms and Colt .45 he spent.


  • nick 01.07.11 @ 6:39pm

    looks like he really screwed the pooch…..hope he was able to perform43

  • Johnny's Dad 11.03.10 @ 1:03pm

    The best cure for a hangover is a little Hair of the Dog.

  • Toasted 11.03.10 @ 9:37am

    You have to hand it to the guy. Women are hard enough to approach31 when they DON’T have scary teeth and claws.

  • wolfgangfuck 11.02.10 @ 9:53pm

    Thats too85 bad, he really believed that she was a bitch in name only.  He was wrong, she was literally a bitch.

  • TheMidasTouch 11.02.10 @ 9:29pm

    Yeah! Get59 It!

  • Evnyofdeath 11.02.10 @ 10:40am

    Wait…..so Worley is a Demon AND a Werewolf…...awesome.

  • The Sentient Houseplant 11.02.10 @ 10:21am

    Whoa wait a minute, if he was a werewolf when he did that does it still count as bestiality?
    hard63 questions need answers

  • Smashfan 11.02.10 @ 9:37am

    Loved the wolf howl at the end lol

  • ts 11.02.10 @ 9:13am

    Return of Worley and return of funny.

  • b 11.02.10 @ 8:51am

    Where is the rating feature? I want to thumb up this bitch!

  • Halo 11.02.10 @ 8:47am

    looks like he’s *puts on Kenneth* quite the party animal

  • Stahi 11.02.10 @ 7:34am

    You’re a furry.  raspberry

  • Val 11.02.10 @ 7:02am

    If it keeps happening, then that must be the type75 that he likes.

  • Jim 11.02.10 @ 5:51am

    that dog looks like a bitch

  • BigSoph 11.02.10 @ 4:52am

    Hair of the dog. Hope he used a condom; otherwise he could get a ticket for littering

  • Johnny K 11.02.10 @ 3:43am

    What a sexy bitch.

  • Chzplz 11.02.10 @ 3:27am

    Did you guys change the video format recently?  These are no longer playable on the iPad or iPhone.

  • forgetmenow 11.02.10 @ 2:09am

    What can I say? That dog looks pretty satisfied.

  • Jim 11.02.10 @ 2:01am

    I don’t see whats wrong with this. Bestiality is always fun94!

  • Mr. Obvious 11.02.10 @ 1:46am

    Oh, and second, bitch.

  • Mr. Obvious 11.02.10 @ 1:45am

    This one is about as sad as a poor lost58 dog.

  • Max 11.02.10 @ 1:34am

    A tentative first?

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