Woolthorp v. Pendergrast

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Incidentally, the source of their duel was over the level of irony in Dante's "Divine Comedy."


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  • Specter 05.26.13 @ 3:45pm

    One of the coolest 5sf I’ve seen.

  • Stiffs McGriffs 01.21.13 @ 10:25pm

    I can’t get enough of this one.

    Also, what’s the deal with all the horrible english in these comments? Also people trying to analyze this on a serious level??


  • TheDew 01.19.13 @ 5:20am

    This happens to be all the time in Bf3….

  • NN 07.26.12 @ 5:28am

    Still one of the best ever.

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    And I agree with the letter above..they do a wondeful job with everything…the sets, the clothes, the make-up…keep up the good work.

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    I guess amory is thinking the 2nd song is from The Shining?

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    pretty sure the first song is from Tabula Rasa by Arvo Part.

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    Interesting movie, although a bit awkward. I am looking forward to see other movies grin

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    anyway, I love it…

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    I’m pretty sure the first song is from Tabula Rasa by Arvo Part.

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    Thanks.  I guess amory is thinking the 2nd song is from The Shining?

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    There Will Be Blood.  Thanks.  I guess amory is thinking the 2nd song is from The Shining?

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    Tabula Rasa… Those unforgettable 3.5 seconds remind me of the first time I made love.

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    The music’s “Midnight, the Stars and You” by Al Bowly.

  • Blackwood 11.13.10 @ 12:03pm

    the first song was Fratres by Arvo Prat
    it was in there will be blood

  • Mr. House 11.08.10 @ 3:04pm

    Cocktails in hell. Cool

  • Dark Lucario 10.04.10 @ 10:47am

    Sweet, sweet irony.

  • SickCat 09.02.10 @ 5:12am


  • The Sentient Houseplant 05.20.10 @ 4:35pm

    That must’ve been akward

  • Chainsaw Bears with Chocolate 05.15.10 @ 12:11pm

    Face behind Pendergrast in hell?  Anybody?  And I think it stands to reason that 5SF wouldn’t use anything besides real guns with real bullets.  The dedication runs that deep.

  • In Soviet Russia 05.01.10 @ 8:48pm

    What do you even say to the guy you said “I’ll see you in hell!”? You don’t actually plan on seeing that guy. Also, were those guns real?

  • wererat200 03.24.10 @ 10:42pm

    i loved that transition
    “later, in hell”

  • VernonJohn 02.11.10 @ 10:09am

    This is the first song

  • cronin_burger 02.02.10 @ 8:16pm

    Possibly their finest work yet

  • Failed Punchline 01.11.10 @ 11:47am

    love the use of the ever so cheap photobooth green screen effect.

    best use of it I’ve seen so far.

  • Kid Who Crapped His Pants 10.26.09 @ 4:24pm

    no habla espanol I don’t think anyone else does either

    pretty good I’ve seen better but i can’t complain

  • Brent 09.06.09 @ 10:48am

    Omg I saw this on aots and I could not stop laughing. I don’t know why tho? maybe cause it is HILARIOUS.

  • Lam Ngoc Hoang Khoi 08.10.09 @ 6:29am


  • Carth 07.22.09 @ 6:11pm


    Can’t say much else but that.

  • Silly 07.01.09 @ 4:56pm

    Irony. Love It.
    Dante. Love It.
    5sf. Love It.

    [seven83]. Love It.

  • kazhe 06.30.09 @ 3:02pm

    hahahaha man thats pretty funny

  • man living in your sink 06.22.09 @ 3:28pm

    that’s it. That phrase has been overused

  • Epic 06.21.09 @ 5:04pm

    mustache comments swoot!  excellent pistol action as well!

  • unknown 06.20.09 @ 11:26am

    that was on attack of the show on thursday i think its my new fav

  • Rockizzle 06.16.09 @ 1:00pm


  • Paddy 06.10.09 @ 12:49pm

    The music’s “Midnight, the Stars and You” by Al Bowly.

  • Rob 06.05.09 @ 4:12pm

    There Will Be Blood, then The Shining.  Brilliant.

  • rayge 05.24.09 @ 6:24am

    that happened to all the guys in resevoir dogs

  • kannusami 05.23.09 @ 7:17pm


  • KK Ph.D 05.03.09 @ 2:52pm

    I can’t stop watching this one

  • alias 04.03.09 @ 1:44am

    last bit was the little rascals theme

  • no will ever believe you 02.26.09 @ 2:09pm

    Mmm, yes, yes. Tabula Rasa… Those unforgettable 3.5 seconds remind me of the first time I made love.

  • dene 02.20.09 @ 11:48pm

    word to your brief usage of the TWBB soundtrack. smile that made me smile.

  • zambo. 02.10.09 @ 10:09am

    I’m pretty sure the first song is from Tabula Rasa by Arvo Part.

  • Sean 02.08.09 @ 2:18pm

    Yeah, that music was definitely from the gold room in The Shining.

  • Beanz 02.07.09 @ 7:07pm

    I thought it was from There Will Be Blood.  Thanks.  I guess amory is thinking the 2nd song is from The Shining?

  • Ryan 02.07.09 @ 2:09pm

    It’s from There Will Be Blood

  • Lore 02.05.09 @ 11:01am

    new favorite.

  • geoff 02.01.09 @ 8:46am

    haha ja I enjoy the 2 kubrick nods

  • amory 02.01.09 @ 7:06am

    its from the shining

  • Beanz 01.31.09 @ 2:20pm

    Where have I heard that music before?!  Does anyone know it?

  • moog 01.30.09 @ 1:05pm

    So awkward… haha

  • handsome mike 01.30.09 @ 10:00am

    I know I’d kill for a sweet mustache like that.

  • ??? 01.30.09 @ 8:50am

    Irony. You hate it, yet you love it.

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