World’s Wildest Police Commentary

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It was another normal day in Dayton, Ohio...until trouble struck. A man robbing a liquor store steals a 1995 white SUV and decides to go for a little joyride. He thinks he's going to make a clean getaway...but the cops have a thing or two to say about that. And so do I...because I'm in the car with him...right now. And I just had five cups of justice-flavored coffee...and can't stop sneering. He's looking at me weird. We'll see how weird he looks, when he gets five the big house.


  • Whatchugonnado? 07.01.13 @ 9:21am

    on right now.

  • TheDew 01.24.13 @ 6:27am

    know whats going

  • What is this 03.17.10 @ 1:21pm

    i don’t even

  • tacoz 10.22.09 @ 9:50pm

    omg I’m from Dayton! :D

  • Your Face, My Fist 09.08.09 @ 2:04pm

    I nearly woke myself laughing at that. Genius.

  • ME 09.01.09 @ 6:07pm

    Just that cry of “AHHHAHHHHHAAAAHHHHHHHHHH” alone is priceless.

  • billy the kid 08.31.09 @ 1:34pm

    haha thats adams and vermont in LA i remember watching that chase from my appartment 2 blocks away on adams and being like HOLY SHIT! I DONT NEED THE TV ANYMORE CUS I CAN JUST LOOK OUTSIDE!!!

  • John Bunnell 08.31.09 @ 8:41am

    Los Angeles, August 2009. This site thinks they’re pretty funny. But boosting cars…is no laughing matter. You’ll either end up in prison…or on pavement.

  • SuperKev 08.31.09 @ 5:26am

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Hilarious! Great way to start a Monday! Thanx!

  • Jeff 08.31.09 @ 4:53am

    Sheriff John Bunnell, taking down crooks like no other

  • Earthbreaker 08.31.09 @ 12:38am

    Video’s ok, thumbnail is awesome!

  • James 08.30.09 @ 11:28pm

    I woulda gone down a different road (no pun intended) with this one but still entertaining.

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