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The money you save on your water bill just from a broken arm is insane. That is, assuming the paramedics find you in under 5 minutes.


  • txitaowoy 12.04.16 @ 3:40pm

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  • kalvynevans 04.13.12 @ 3:34am

    Sure he’s a real doctor. He has this… thing… that listens to your boobs!

  • Fredaking 03.27.12 @ 9:36am

    Silly Rousselet that’s not where you put a bag…

  • Crindy 03.27.12 @ 1:32am


  • jess 03.26.12 @ 4:48pm

    Is that a real cast? Poor Michael.
    Kiss. Kiss.

  • Matthew Perry 03.26.12 @ 11:44am

    The hilarity of a given 5sf is directly proportional to the amount of suffering/death inflicted upon Rousselet.


  • Here's the thing,... 03.26.12 @ 11:13am

    The coroner’s report read ‘Death By Fapping In The Shower,’ because people always make assumptions about naked wet corpses asphyxiated by plastic bags with their wrists in plaster.

  • ibs2pid 03.26.12 @ 9:04am


  • Han Solo 03.26.12 @ 8:31am

    congratulations Olivia on the Dictator and especially Chernobyl Diaries!  (I know this isn’t your vid but whatev)

  • shawn 03.26.12 @ 5:43am

    I’m not sure of the details, but I think you guys missed out on another masturbation joke with this one.

  • drk 03.26.12 @ 3:22am

    did you see that skeleton? I think he likes Michael….

  • Jess 03.26.12 @ 1:48am

    Another death for Rousselet.

    Does the grim reaper just have a revolving door policy or does Michael just ask to go out for a smoke or something?

  • kalvynevans 03.26.12 @ 12:47am


  • Mr Monday 03.26.12 @ 12:42am

    Oh God, I almost snorted out my coffee through my nose when I saw today’s 5sf. Even though I haven’t had a coffee for, like, hours!

  • IB 03.26.12 @ 12:13am

    Rousselet gets cast in weird roles.

  • padurn 03.26.12 @ 12:13am

    Michael knows best.

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