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Postal workers don't get overtime for de-rezzing, either. It was just a real bummer of a Sunday all around.


  • gooten 10.02.14 @ 11:15pm

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  • Testking 70-680 01.17.12 @ 9:36pm

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  • ProdigiousWind 11.18.11 @ 7:33pm

    Hey do you guys know what the song in the jazzy beginning is?

  • LordRumfish 11.15.11 @ 6:44am

    I’m surprised no one has speculated on the shout-out to Tron with de-rezzing.  Somehow putting Tron and Patton Oswald in the same sentence feels right.

  • Top Listings 10.27.11 @ 4:13am

    Its good

  • jim 09.13.11 @ 12:50pm

    they should take him to the hospital down on Guerro street

  • The Brilliant Fool 07.14.11 @ 3:13pm

    I love you guys and always will. I was with you guys when you had less than 200 views o most of your films, and now, now you have reached a place the far exceeded my hopes and you are recognized for the brilliant humor you provide. Also Say hi to patton for me, I havn’t seen him in 2 years.

  • The OTHER Brian 07.13.11 @ 6:51pm


  • Nathan 07.13.11 @ 6:14pm

    I’m glad 5sf has added Patton Oswald as their new58 guy

  • BearJazz 07.13.11 @ 5:27pm

    Oh my god, is that a Room MUG? I think it is! That looks like the Claudette mug that they only made a couple hundred53 of at the Village East Cinema screenings in NYC.

  • Big Nerd 07.13.11 @ 11:08am

    Upgrade your browser and flash player, Vimeo is a testy beast.

  • Neil 07.13.11 @ 11:00am

    Why’m I only getting 7 seconds these days?

  • Ian 07.13.11 @ 10:31am

    Patton Oswalt again! And… Who’s Greg Sestero? Is he from that awful movie written by that Italian guy?

  • Johnny 07.13.11 @ 9:49am

    That guy is my BEST friend

  • Azure 07.13.11 @ 9:43am

    a thousand times yes.  I still can’t believe Patton Oswalt is on these

  • Lisa 07.13.11 @ 9:40am

    Patton Oswalt AND Greg Sestero??? AULGHALUAGUAGHALUGHALU

  • Irene 07.13.11 @ 9:36am


  • Jables 07.13.11 @ 8:38am

    Patton Oswalt rules, dude. I’d punch a nun in the balls 1000 times to see him do a show.

  • Oh Hi 07.13.11 @ 8:27am

    Oh hi Patton

  • hal 07.13.11 @ 8:24am

    is that the dude from the room? lol

  • johnny 07.13.11 @ 7:22am

    Oh, hi Patton.

  • ted 07.13.11 @ 6:14am

    die hard hipsters use myspace. AND THEY GO DOWN WITH IT

  • JoeyDeschanel 07.13.11 @ 5:57am

    nobody cares about google+.  aka i still don’t understand what it is

  • Cloven 07.13.11 @ 4:29am

    And thus God smote the mailman for working on the Sabbath day.

  • SpringChicken 07.13.11 @ 4:08am

    You should have posted this on a Sunday, then my computer would have blown up

  • Mailman 07.13.11 @ 2:02am

    Whoa, is that Greg Sestero (The Room)? Why is he there so subtly?

  • Phranx 07.13.11 @ 12:58am

    Please add the Google+ +1 button to your videos smile

  • Box Cutter 07.13.11 @ 12:42am

    At least the box still got delivered.

  • Religious Dogma 07.13.11 @ 12:23am

    More injured Patton! Hilarity at its bestest

  • RenalFailure 07.13.11 @ 12:17am

    I think Patton + 5sf is a magic combo…

  • Bitter 07.13.11 @ 12:09am

    Sooo…. Is all of Patton’s 5sfs just going to have bad shit happen to him?

  • padurn 07.13.11 @ 12:08am

    Oh, hi mail.

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