Midnight Makeout

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​He was shunned from going to the Hipsters NYE Ball, forced to toil in the basement, until his fairy godmother arrived and mumbled, in between drunken belches, "I'm going to turn a fuckin' pumpkin into a dude this'll be great" Upon transforming, his first question was "What do I do now that I have agency and mobility?" "I dunno, you should like go to the ball. Just like try and make out. It'll be funny as shit" "Fairy Godmother, why don't your sentences end in punctuation like mine?" "Because ending sentences with periods reminds me of the finality of death and with every year that passes we inch closer and closer towards losing our loved ones and the world we grew up knowing dissolves into a cold, unfeeling place that has no room for our increasingly feeble bodies lol"


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