• The High Cost Of Free Health Care


    ​Olly learned a lesson that day. A lesson that he forgot. And will learn again...and then forget again. It's a terrible cycle isn't it?...

  • How-To Make a How-To Video About...


    This is for all you folks out there struggling to film yourselves cooking eggs. Feel free to post your own videos of you cooking eggs! Hope...

  • The Grind


    ​Joe and Donny's Sunday Morning Ritual...

  • Meeting The Dad


    ​Ever had to meet your girlfriend's dad? Of course you did. This dad knows all about it. He also knows what you fear most.

  • The Way Of The Dodo


    ​Discover the ancient martial art of forgotten and outdated ways. Coming soon to your local drive-in! Check the newspaper for listings....

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  • Daddy Advice


    ​He's got eight thousand kids. He's been through a lot of shit and he knows how the world works.

  • Adorable Kid Exploited! LOL!


    ​A Father is approached by Child Services to discuss the many lol-worthy videos of his son.

  • Lost Angeles


    ​For many citizens of Los Angeles, CA it seems like life never really changes. Why is that exactly?