A Very Important Dinner

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​So what have we learned from Dumpster Week, kids? Well, we learned that no dream is too big, no dumpster too small for a giant green man to shove his abandoned butt baby into it. We learned how to escape from a magical ex-girlfriend's banishment dumpster using frightening, life-altering dream logic and a limber, multifaceted sexual appetite. We learned that no burgeoning love affair, no prelude to an epic romance is too grand in scale to triumph against the sheer nutritional value of an onion. We learned goblins are real. And finally, we learned that when you invite your boss over for dinner, you should always make sure to rip off your toilet seat cover and drape it over a nearby wooden slat of indiscernible origin. Thank you for joining us during this informative, flea-infested week. We promise it will never happen again.


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