An Astronaut and a Bear Walk Into a Bar

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...order a few drinks, get into a rocketship and go to Planet Bear. Yeah. Now you know why the bouncer threw them out.


  • Marco 04.24.10 @ 3:31pm

    It’s a play on the “X walks into a bar” jokes.

  • Soviet Russia 04.23.10 @ 6:19pm

    What does the pun mean, if anyone knows, please comment down there.

  • Craig Love 04.21.10 @ 1:22am

    I like it. But it would have been funnier if it was a Rabbi, a Priest, and an otter.

  • Sean Holloway 04.20.10 @ 7:31pm

    Guess they were caught *Puts on sunglasses* BEAR HANDED


  • I has the solution 04.20.10 @ 10:46am

    Is it bear as in the gay community’s definition of bear?  I think it is.  I offer as proof.

  • @MZ 04.20.10 @ 9:55am

    He says “that shit isn’t funny!”

  • MZ 04.19.10 @ 10:42pm

    That would be very nice if someone could write here what bouncer says.

  • Dr. Geek 04.19.10 @ 9:36pm

    Is that Olivia on the street?

    Hook. It. Up!

  • blank 04.19.10 @ 6:57pm

    Damnit… I just don’t get it either! ...and i keep waiting for someone to explain… *sigh*

  • shmoe 04.19.10 @ 5:30pm

    haha nice.  I wish that bouncer was omnipresent so that all bad jokes could be stopped.

  • Jimmy Rabbitte 04.19.10 @ 3:06pm

    That really was *puts on sunglasses* a magic moment.


  • obscurerreference 04.19.10 @ 1:32pm

    That was quick.. Olivia didn’t even get halfway through her cigarette.

  • simple minded 04.19.10 @ 11:09am

    can someone explain the pun here… i feel left out and a little silly

  • Rayge 04.19.10 @ 11:02am

    at first I said “well that was friggin stupid” than I thought about and lawed.

  • Johnny K 04.19.10 @ 10:19am

    Nice use of the Perry Como there.

  • dumb guy 04.19.10 @ 9:07am

    I guess the bouncer is right.

  • Some Dude 04.19.10 @ 8:38am

    Is this a knock-knock joke?

  • mister fantasia 04.19.10 @ 8:26am

    i always watch the new 5sf about 15 times

  • xlastshotx 04.19.10 @ 4:54am


  • YOU LOSE THE INTERNET!!! 04.19.10 @ 3:58am

    an indian walked into a bar. SHHHHH

  • Earthbreaker 04.19.10 @ 3:22am


    There is actually a pub in Greenwich, London called the Frog and Radiator…

  • Failed Punchline 04.19.10 @ 2:47am

    Nah, I’d say they started the crackdown on the walk-ins when the horse that walked in shit all over the place. Murphy really was not amused.

  • NES79 04.19.10 @ 12:38am

    That bar has always been sensitive to odd couples walking into the bar since the “Radiologist and Frog” incident.

  • 42uck 04.19.10 @ 12:18am

    oh, on the contrary…

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