Can Anyone Operate Heavy Machinery?

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Heroes aren't born. They're medicated.


  • Venice 10.18.14 @ 2:25am

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  • Martha1769 06.20.14 @ 5:21am
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  • Huong 03.07.12 @ 9:02am

    benjamin, there is no CMOS in any maichne anymore since at least 10 years. Also, it’s probably not harder or easier to reverse-engineer the AMI bios, just time consuming…

  • It All Changes Today 09.09.11 @ 6:43pm

    I have too much time on my hand.
    (And by time I mean..)

  • R.A.I.U. 09.08.11 @ 11:22pm

    Challenge accepted?

  • Derf 09.07.11 @ 8:21am

    I like how the “Do not operate heavy machinery” is a sticker, and not on the original label on the bottle. Made it a leeetle bit funnier.

  • DIS LEX ICK 09.07.11 @ 7:25am

    sum1 Xplane joke pls?

  • mr. obvious 09.06.11 @ 2:51pm

    @kalvynevans—To dig a hole and bury him. He’s not67 gonna make it, you see.

  • kalvynevans 09.06.11 @ 1:00pm

    Okay, so the guy is on the ground having a seizure. Why do they need someone to operate heavy machinery for that?

  • Inhibitor 09.05.11 @ 8:26pm

    He went to operate heavy machinery…FOR AMERICA!

  • tiny 09.05.11 @ 6:37pm

    That man needed some staff56 to use that heavy machinery SO BADLY that he had vanilla pudding sputter up from his stomach.

  • Thor-axe the Impaler 09.05.11 @ 12:35pm

    @Connor. Care to upload it so I can have it too? :D

  • Connor 09.05.11 @ 11:39am

    The final frame of this video is now my background. And what a worthy change it was.

  • BCash 09.05.11 @ 10:43am

    expiration date 9/4/2005… I think the machinery is the least of his worries, prolly trippin sooooooo hard.

  • It All Changes Today 09.05.11 @ 9:29am

    And that’s when it all changed..
    If I could go back to that day, I would.. I should have listened to that informative bottle of pills.
    If I did, then.. Then.. THAT would never have happened.
    (By that, I mean that punchline to the video.)
    (By video, I mean the thing you hopefully just watched.)
    (By hopefully, I mean that this comment would have made no sense if you didn’t watch it.)
    (By watch it, I mean the whole 5 seconds of the video.)
    (By 5 seconds, I mean 8.)
    (By 8, I of course mean the 2 seconds of beginning title, the 5 seconds of the video, and the 1 second ending.)
    (The punchline is that the medicine makes you drowsy, therefore you shouldn’t drive a constructional vehicle.)
    (Which he really didn’t need to do anyway. The likelihood of you needing to move a large piece of equipment because the worker had a random unexplained seizure at work while you pass by, reading the warning you should intelligently heed.)

  • Matthew Perry 09.05.11 @ 8:34am

    Nothing95 will stop him, not even the drugs. Especially the drugs.

  • SquidDNA 09.05.11 @ 6:53am

    If Brian Firenzi isn’t already officially an internet folk hero, he is now.

  • Kylogram 09.05.11 @ 3:40am

    This is how most problems get solved at the nuclear power plant13.

  • Poptarts 09.05.11 @ 3:21am

    I’m pretty sure that’s the “Fuck Yeah” face at the end.

  • Nobbeh 09.05.11 @ 2:54am

    lol, nice one

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