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I'm always one to dig up an old gag from Milton Berle's Private Joke File, so as you can no doubt imagine, I'm quite familiar with the taste of Knuckle. It tastes better than being ignored. But then again, most objects taste better than abstract concepts anyway.


  • twpmntl 12.01.16 @ 9:25am

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  • Here's the thing,... 10.30.12 @ 10:38am

    There are certain 5SF’s I never tire of. This is one of them.

  • Runaway 06.20.12 @ 8:29am

    That ring made it the punching all that more intense.

  • Gashwood 12.04.11 @ 6:57am

    I sat there in silence after it finished, and after about five seconds started laughing.

  • Aderas 11.22.10 @ 6:45pm

    I concur that Brian is brilliant in this, but has nobody else noticed how furious the attacker is? It’s like he really, really just utterly despises him for that joke. Cases61 closed.

  • ts 08.30.10 @ 8:50pm

    Best part is the sound effect after it fades to black.

  • Arcturus Kirwin 08.24.10 @ 2:16am

    This has to be my favorite 5sf.

  • The Sentient Houseplant 08.10.10 @ 5:34pm

    In all fairness, he did have it coming, but the guy could’ve just reported54 him to the pun police.

  • Kuwlio 07.08.10 @ 11:56pm

    I love this. I really wanna deliver this line someday, but i fear for my face

  • Ranger66 07.03.10 @ 1:45pm

    this made me cry from laughing so much. it took me 5 minutes to get my breath back after 10 minutes of nonstop laughing.

  • T 05.25.10 @ 10:35am

    Watching it repeatedly made me laugh until I started to hallucinate.  Well done.

  • Matt 05.24.10 @ 5:58pm

    Watching this video over and over again got me through writing an incredibly demoralizing and depressing final paper. Thanks so much, guys!

  • at 05.21.10 @ 6:41am

    this is THE best 5sf

  • Ryan 05.13.10 @ 8:39pm

    Is that a Luther College ring you’re/he’s wearing?

  • Cinco de Miko 05.05.10 @ 7:46pm

    Just think of it as Brian having one special hair that he keeps separate from all the others. IT’S NOT THAT HARD PEOPLE, DON’T MAKE ME EXPLICATE THIS

  • Matt 05.04.10 @ 7:06am

    Maybe it was intended as ‘did you get your hair cut?’ so that Brian couldn’t make that joke.
    However he did go ahead to make that joke and so a punch to the face was deserved
    I don’t like to look too deeply into things, but if it resolves an argument and allows everybody to live happily then go for it :D

  • Kevin 05.02.10 @ 6:24pm

    so epic.

  • Charlie 05.02.10 @ 3:16pm

    Looks like someone *puts on sunglasses* finally cut it out…..... YEEEEEAAHHHHH

  • QuelRing 05.02.10 @ 2:57pm

    random question: i’m assuming the puncher’s ring is a college ring.  anyone know what college?

  • Failed Punchline 05.02.10 @ 10:44am

    I got them all cut

  • WTF?!?!?!? 05.02.10 @ 8:09am

    What does he say in the end?!?!?!?!?!

  • wererat2000 04.30.10 @ 8:59pm

    i think it’s better because his joke didn’t work that well. hence the punch to the face, but if it was “A hair cut” the joke wouldn’t be as bad. aaaaannnnnndddd fffffuuuuurrrrrrttttthhhhhheeeeerrrrr mmmmooooorrrrreee——*PUNCH!*

  • R.A.I.U. 04.30.10 @ 5:01pm

    awesome slow-mo punch to the face
    position13 (which one is that I wonder)

  • lol furries 04.30.10 @ 11:22am

    Fuck, I always use that joke

  • Flashfire 04.30.10 @ 5:14am

    I agree with whoever said it before me, the shaking really made it.  Another winner

  • ignorant 04.30.10 @ 12:18am

    punch me if I deserve it, but I actually don’t know the joke.
    “hey, did you get a new haircut?”
    “no… [WTF]”


  • JNA'sReply 04.30.10 @ 12:06am

    ^retrogression, Dude!

  • JNAtheDUDE 04.29.10 @ 10:26pm

    If “pro” is the opposite of “con”, what’s the opposite of “progress”?

  • pinacolada 04.29.10 @ 8:55pm

    I dislike the new advertisements.

  • humtum 04.29.10 @ 6:27pm

    it’s even funny with the sound off.

  • humtum 04.29.10 @ 6:24pm

    even if “your” didn’t make the joke work, wouldn’t that show just how desperate he was to deliver that line?

  • Vurtax 04.29.10 @ 3:20pm

    Well I guess the haircut
    *Puts on Sunglasses*
    Comes with a free knuckle sandwich


  • Renato 04.29.10 @ 1:02pm

    Hehe, pretty good!

  • FruSla 04.29.10 @ 12:24pm

    Ouch. No worries, dude. A little FRUIT SLAM will have you feeling right as rain.


  • Kokuei 04.29.10 @ 11:37am

    Actually had to think about it hard before I got it.  Can’t stop laughing now, brilliant!

  • iamjohnbeck 04.29.10 @ 11:16am

    Everything about this video is perfect. The fist heading towards Brian’s face at the end might just be the best shot in 5SF history. Either that, or I just like the idea of Brian getting punched in the face.

  • HAY GUYZ 04.29.10 @ 10:32am

    Did you get your horse slaughtered? No? You got them all slaughtered?

    It applies, especially in English. Whereas in Latin, the word for hair is the word for all of the hairs together, kind of like our word for fish, for deer. Haarummmhmhmhmh

  • Yogi Berra 04.29.10 @ 10:31am

    - “Hey, what time is it?”
    —“What—right now?”
    - (socko)

  • ME 04.29.10 @ 9:03am

    Can’t. Stop. Hitting. F5.

  • YOU LOSE THE INTERNET!!! 04.29.10 @ 8:00am

    “You can lead a man to Congress, but you can’t make him think.” Milton Berle

  • The SuperestKev Ever! 04.29.10 @ 7:21am

    Hey Brian, here’s an idea, why don’t you just listen to all these critiques and start making some good comedy finally…cuz you obviously haven’t been doing it on your own (wink wink).
    I think there should be a site about people who critique videos but never make their own, it could be called is finished. smile

  • Failed Punchline 04.29.10 @ 7:08am

    the shaking was a nice touch

  • Captain Future 04.29.10 @ 5:35am

    I think this is maybe the 2nd ever 5sf where good triumphs over evil. You just don’t stand for that shit.

  • Matt 04.29.10 @ 5:08am

    I loved it, but agree it would have been better with “a” instead of “your.”

  • obscurerreference 04.29.10 @ 5:00am

    “Is it the 29th today?”
    “Yup…. All Day” 
    Pain applied liberally…did29

  • ME 04.29.10 @ 4:22am

    Joke WINS!  FATALITY!!


  • Grammar Axis Guy 04.29.10 @ 3:36am

    Still, JNCR, Oops, et. al.; the use of “your” does not exclude the singularity of hair, it just implies property.

    The joke still applies

  • Nex 04.29.10 @ 2:25am

    What the fucking genius?!

  • JNCR 04.29.10 @ 2:10am

    I agree with Oops.  it wasn’t very effective saying “your” instead of “a”.

  • RF 04.29.10 @ 1:15am

    I love Brian’s smug look just before he delivers the line.

  • JayMoney 04.29.10 @ 12:50am

    Wow, that was *puts on sunglasses* one hell of a punch-line.

  • Oops 04.29.10 @ 12:24am

    You delivered the line wrong.  It’s “did you get -a- hair cut?”  The ‘a’ implies singularity where ‘your’ fails to do so.

  • URB 04.28.10 @ 11:50pm

    Too bad for Brian: his partner was wearing the mighty ring of Hinyurface.
    +3 Damage

  • Play-along 04.28.10 @ 11:37pm

    “Finally got some Toothpaste”
    “Did you buy enough for the other 31?”

    I could go on, but I fear for my face.

  • Jim 04.28.10 @ 11:31pm

    He totally saw the punch coming, but he was so committed to the delivery, he HAD to see it through

  • Play-along 04.28.10 @ 11:30pm

    “Hey nice, did you get a new pair of pants?”
    “No, I only bought one”

  • 42uck 04.28.10 @ 11:22pm

    I actually took the time to give this a ‘thumbs up.’

  • Tom 04.28.10 @ 11:07pm

    what? [first]

  • boopbeep 04.28.10 @ 11:07pm

    best. one. in a while.

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