Kelsey Cat: Origins

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​ORIGINAL PROMPT: "FIX IT IN POST a.k.a. HOW IT REALLY HAPPENED FOR REALLY REALS NO REALLY YOU GUYS scene opens to 5sf crew seated around The Table, discussing the next Kelsey Cat installment. one member, obscured, is clearly passed out with an empty Tequila bottle in hand. [excited]: … and then Kelsey Cat drops out of the tree. KELSEY: Yeah… Not happening. [dejected]: Then what do we … all turn to the passed out member with a predatory leer, now revealed as Worley. KELSEY: Oh yeah. Mama likey. cut to still passed out Worley, in Kelsey Cat outfit, being dropped out of a tree by 5sf member in green screen suit. ALL (offscreen): One more? For safety. Why not make it two? Are we even rolling? "


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