Life Choices

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Hey Whatta Horse Yes This Is My Name For My Race Horse I'm Rich So Fuck You started out life as a powerful, preternaturally talented race horse, groomed for glory and winning the Triple Crown like it was a game of tic-tac-toe. Eventually, Hey Whatta realized he was meant for more, so he ran away from his billionaire oil magnate owners and enrolled in medical school. It was hard to adjust at first, but eventually he found his way - and a beautiful girl named Christy caught his eye in class. As they hung out more and more, she revealed to Hey Whatta her secret passion for the cello. Hearing her play brought him to tears - it revealed another world of creativity, of exploration and meaning to the gentle steed. Christy's parents eventually caught wind of their friendship and sent her away to another school, but she left behind sheet music of Hey Whatta's favorite piece she played, with a note telling him to never stop chasing what he was looking for, whether it be a medical degree, a chance to play at the London Philharmonic, or a finish line. He took the advice to heart.


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