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Realizing your friends have a problem is the easy part. Getting them to go into Meme Rehab, and resisting the urge to detonate their nuts with a swift kick, is where it gets tough.


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  • quehuong 08.13.14 @ 8:58pm

    poor this man

  • quehuong 08.13.14 @ 8:46pm

    so crazy

  • nicoleB 03.15.14 @ 12:58am

    It was great! Planking became popular last year.

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    Very nice site. And all of your video are all good.

  • Will Heskett 09.02.13 @ 2:04pm

    Was that alliterator from vghs

  • rivernrange 08.24.13 @ 4:45am

    nice post…that was very funy

  • John Andrews 06.20.12 @ 12:32pm

    that was just plain weird

  • Runaway 06.20.12 @ 8:24am

    Swift kick in the bollocks. Thank you.

  • Bob Dole 04.19.12 @ 4:52pm

    Micheals face as he realized what is coming out of his friends mouth is the second best part.

  • nia 03.27.12 @ 7:01pm

    It’s not working right i can’t stand this site.

  • Scott 03.12.12 @ 2:32pm

    Thanks, my children and I only use the 5SFingerpointing method from now on.

  • Jim 02.29.12 @ 3:59pm

    holy shit it’s taper

  • lauchlan 02.26.12 @ 7:21pm

    hahahahaha this video is f***in hilarious

  • Jeremy 02.26.12 @ 5:11pm

    I have had facebook friends removed for posting planking pics. If I remove you, I ...mean….business!

  • nitra 01.29.12 @ 1:57pm

    That was funny for real

  • Ozzy 01.25.12 @ 6:24pm

    Absolutely one of my Favorites

  • StickySam 12.03.11 @ 7:40pm

    I agree with Michael on this one.

  • kevinte 11.23.11 @ 1:47pm


  • Kyle Chandler 11.18.11 @ 7:03pm

    I can never get enough of this! best ever.

  • The Austin 10.24.11 @ 4:59pm

    Definitely one of my favs. “NOOOOO!”

  • Amanda 10.04.11 @ 12:51am

    Do you film these at USC by any chance? I have a Philosophy class in a room that looks exactly like the one in “Planking” smile

  • Sandy 09.14.11 @ 5:41pm

    Possibly the greatest video I have ever seen52! Still not tired of watching it.

  • Cervical mucus stages 09.12.11 @ 10:14am

    Highly objectionable stuff… uuu hoo.

  • case for credit cards 09.11.11 @ 9:29am

    It’s awesome

  • Nik 09.03.11 @ 10:29am


  • wonderbrett 08.15.11 @ 6:33pm

    I still laugh, every time.

  • Taggart 08.14.11 @ 5:42pm

    That Is Some FUNNY STUFF Well Done !

  • lost 08.05.11 @ 3:42pm

    Tom green did the first plank back in 95. This along with owling and now batting is the dumbst fads. This world is full of a bunch of morans that should be brought out back and shot.

  • Sulayman 08.05.11 @ 4:02am

    Looks awfully familiar, is that NYU?

  • Haha 07.26.11 @ 10:18am

    Only DIPSHITS think planking is anything but the lamest shit ever.  This video was perfect.

  • SJB 07.13.11 @ 8:24pm

    @ Roman
    *kicks you in the nuts*

  • minetruly 07.05.11 @ 7:48am

    AHAHAHAHA! I didn’t think planking was real. I thought 5sf just made it up as an illustration. But NO. It’s REAL. My favorite was the shopping cart.

    In Related Videos, check out “Cone-ing”... Coneing in the new planking… GRAB YOUR CONE TODAY!!!!!

    We should start a really ridiculous meme. Ideas, anyone?

  • Dori 06.10.11 @ 12:58pm

    This two finger pointing ‘NOOO!!’ is so epic! Should be a meme, would love to see that again all over the place smile

  • d ^-^ b 06.05.11 @ 11:47am

    Ah, yes.

    This guy should be knighted, or something. I mean the guy who goes “NO”.

    Also helping a meme addicted friend with something that is so close to a meme itself ( “NO” ~ “OBJECTION” ) was delightful. I’m not sure if it was intended, but it sure looked good.

  • Obywatel 06.04.11 @ 6:15am

    What’s going on? What is going on?!
    This video has almost 3k likes and i still don’t understand what is he saying. Somebody?

  • Rev 06.03.11 @ 11:12pm

    I’m convinced ‘planking’ started as a prank. Someone (or a group of someones) just started talking about it online as if it were already a huge thing and people just fell into line with it on the assumption it was popular. Kinda like how Paris Hilton achieved fame by distributing her porno as if she were already someone famous.

  • BigSoph 06.03.11 @ 10:05pm

    Planking is THE stupidest fad to ever surface96

  • wakka wakka 06.02.11 @ 9:11pm

    If ever I do something retarded, I want Michael Rousselet there to deliver a swift kick to the balls and a over-the-top “NO!”.

  • lol 06.02.11 @ 2:32pm



  • Electric Vehicles 06.01.11 @ 8:29pm

    give this video 5 sharp kicks to the balls!  Well done.

  • Nick 06.01.11 @ 6:32pm


  • Arcturus Kirwin 05.31.11 @ 7:28pm

    I’d love that too. Just Rousselet going ‘NOOOOOO!’ as an alert noise or something.

  • Yussef 05.31.11 @ 7:24pm

    Man, I really want to strip the audio of Rousselet yelling and use it for a ring tone.  Or a techno song.

  • ME 05.31.11 @ 5:10pm

    I give this video 5 sharp kicks to the balls!  Well done.

  • that guy from that place 05.31.11 @ 4:08pm


  • Robert 05.31.11 @ 3:36pm

    I emphasizing ‘porking’.

    Assume the planking position, but have an apple in your mouth.

    Lets see how many people we can get porking in public…

  • padurn 05.31.11 @ 1:18pm

    Two fingers always means no.

  • the_nozzle_poots 05.31.11 @ 12:49pm

    Excellent recovery from yesterday’s 5sf, which was pure shit (sorry).

  • office17 05.31.11 @ 12:27pm

    plank to nutshot + two finger No= Epic Win

  • clerk 05.31.11 @ 10:38am

    the solution to all problems, a swift one

  • Great Fabsy 05.31.11 @ 10:36am

    And this is the first time I’ve encountered this “planking”. Interesting indeed36

  • thewheelman84 05.31.11 @ 9:49am

    Well hopefully it will progress67 to using Skip-It in traffic.

  • Arcturus Kirwin 05.31.11 @ 8:05am

    Another simply awesome meme-based 5sf. Might even top ‘A BP Executive Gets Iced’!

  • Matthew Perry 05.31.11 @ 7:24am

    Planking is real tricky business. One must center63 oneself perfectly on the object on which one is planking, but doing so often leaves one’s nuts open for potential assaults from the underside. Real tricky business…

  • SealMan 05.31.11 @ 5:55am

    Ah, the two-finger point. Carries twice as much weight as the single finger point.

  • Jimmy 05.31.11 @ 5:06am

    this. is. amazing.

  • Cloven 05.31.11 @ 5:00am

    Best “NO!” delivery ever.

  • Tiny 05.31.11 @ 2:48am

    Is his head on backwards in the last scene? He looks badass though.

  • Bob 05.31.11 @ 2:47am

    didn’t your mom ever tell you not to do memes?!

  • Jp 05.31.11 @ 1:12am

    Thank you so much for this video.

  • NN 05.31.11 @ 1:05am

    HA! Very well done.

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