Secret Admirer

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This 5sf is un-bear-able! (Pounds a glass of Southern Comfort alone)


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  • TheDew 01.19.13 @ 5:27am

    I dont agree with the russian guy below because im finnish and obligated to hate russians and sweds…but that bear was cute

  • milltos 09.02.12 @ 6:28pm

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  • Ian 08.22.11 @ 4:48pm

    Is this the first time we saw Kelsey?

  • Naelicx 11.03.10 @ 6:48pm

    I wish i had a bear like that :DDDD smile)) raspberryPP wink

  • Lucern 10.14.10 @ 1:11pm

    fucking creepy…

  • Anonymous 08.28.10 @ 7:40pm

    I’m pretty sure that is actually her.

  • ModelOZX 07.12.10 @ 3:49am

    No comment.
    Oh wait, shoot.

  • onReload 05.25.10 @ 9:25am

    Was this K-Gunn’s debut? You guys had more and more guest-girls but she’s a fixture of the site now. and stuff.

  • Unfire 04.08.10 @ 10:52am

    ....I can’t look at teddy bears the same

  • Hm 03.07.10 @ 10:05am

    Does anyone else think the girl looks like Sarah Schneider?

  • OMG 03.04.10 @ 1:44am

    @Huh: Yes, he is XD

  • cronin_burger 02.02.10 @ 8:42pm

    HA!  Almost pissed myself on this one

  • tania 12.10.09 @ 4:08am

    send me the send plz :D

  • Huh??? 12.07.09 @ 7:17pm

    Pedobear’s getting smarter!

  • Disturbed... 12.07.09 @ 2:02pm

    It reminds me of the story of the boy who received a cursed/haunted teddy bear from their slave.

  • Herring! 11.25.09 @ 8:47am


  • JAS 11.10.09 @ 4:18pm

    Oh to be that bear- wake up next to that girl, yep

  • The WarMongrel 08.30.09 @ 7:18pm

    I hate having a secret admirer. I want to know who it is so fucking badly. read51

  • brod 08.28.09 @ 12:39am

    I’m offended at all of you. Pedobear only targets 5 year old girls, you sick bastards.

  • Aidzade 08.18.09 @ 3:53pm

    ha, peeping bear.

  • Silly 07.01.09 @ 4:05pm

    I’ve always wanted a secrete admirer… But now I’ve found my incredible boyfriend and it’s so much better!
    And that bear and the sound at the end… so creepy!

  • Shamil 06.30.09 @ 11:07pm

    moog i’ve read some of yur dummass coments, give up on wishing yu have a secrate admirer and start trying to make cash cuz u’ll probebly need to bye girls attention

  • qzz 06.19.09 @ 5:59am

    stalker bear

  • Shane 05.30.09 @ 6:18am


  • GRAEME 05.28.09 @ 3:06pm

    ok ok the bear is freakin creepy. but the girl is a cutie.  but whats with the bear lol

  • hmmm??? 04.07.09 @ 4:48pm

    Wow i would get really freaked out if that happened to me!

  • vincent 03.15.09 @ 11:27am

    weak use of pb

  • The Rob 02.28.09 @ 8:03am

    Pedobear strikes again

  • Brendan 02.22.09 @ 4:41pm

    your a nut…..but you look good!!!

  • Neansai 02.14.09 @ 11:07am

    The girl is adorable!

    The Bear I’m unsure

  • Sylvain Racicot 02.14.09 @ 7:47am

    Instead of “short and sweet”, we now have “short and creepy”! I think yesterday’s date had something to do with this, somehow… Good one!

  • dana 02.13.09 @ 5:52pm

    heehee cute! and i think i know that bear… ?

  • ??? 02.13.09 @ 1:47pm


  • moog 02.13.09 @ 10:03am

    I wish I had a secret admirer :(

  • tricky pete 02.13.09 @ 9:18am

    That bear is fucking creepy…

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