The Final Battle

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In the Land of Fyffynthoth, most of the demonic winged creatures are actually just friendly dudes who are trying to get you anything you may want - lollies, more TV time, a scoop of ice cream. But Malazar the Wizard was having none of that bunk.


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  • StickySam 12.03.11 @ 8:19pm

    No, guys, he`s a ninja in The Matrix, really!

  • heath 10.08.11 @ 11:24am


    actually48 it goes for ALL of 5sf.

    “...Stingy as hell”

  • Foole 10.05.11 @ 3:21am


  • Thor-axe the Impaler 09.12.11 @ 12:43pm

    I wish I could quote this and not get funny looks all the time.

  • wonderbrett 08.15.11 @ 6:04pm


  • Rowas 08.12.11 @ 6:27pm

    Why does this make me think of Sucker Punch? lol smile

  • Cat Slap 08.12.11 @ 6:08am

    Patton has always had a magical effect on me

  • Sharklowski 08.11.11 @ 12:08pm

    Am I the only one to notice the ALF doll? “Hey Willie!”

  • Brian Firenzi 08.10.11 @ 9:10pm

    When our new site launches, the Brian Firenzi impostor up there will be exposed once and for all. Muahahaha! (whips cape to cover face, disappears in cloud of moderator smoke)

  • Morpheus 08.10.11 @ 12:05pm

    Harry Potter up and down.

  • Edward 08.09.11 @ 11:12pm

    Holy shit, Patton Oswalt?  How did this site get so much clout?

  • Bitter 08.09.11 @ 3:47pm


    What prompted your declaration of your love of butts?

  • Coolio 08.09.11 @ 3:41pm

    @@AW I think he was referencing 5sf’s “Sticker Stickler” society59

  • @AW 08.09.11 @ 2:38pm

    being funny, you stupid dick.

  • AW 08.09.11 @ 12:11pm

    What is Patton Oswalt doing on an overrated mediocre website?

  • Fern 08.09.11 @ 10:25am

    Nice Alf doll, Patton.

  • the_nozzle_poots 08.09.11 @ 9:42am

    Big ones, or… ?

  • Brian Firenzi 08.09.11 @ 9:30am

    I love butts.

  • Derp McDerper 08.09.11 @ 9:29am

    it should be said29 that this is probably an accurate depiction of what is going on in his head on a constant basis.

  • Ian 08.09.11 @ 9:04am

    Oh hai, Patton.

  • John Sisson 08.09.11 @ 8:02am

    D&D dreams do come true!

  • NOT22 PATTON OSWALT 08.09.11 @ 7:13am

    Totally going to buy Oswalts new CD =]

  • Jerb 08.09.11 @ 6:03am

    Nurse joke. Nurse joke. Nurse joke. Nurse joke. Nurse joke. Nurse joke. Nurse joke. Nurse joke. Nurse joke. Nurse joke. Nurse joke. Nurse joke. Nurse joke. Nurse joke. Nurse joke. Nurse joke. Nurse joke. Nurse joke. Nurse joke. Giggity.

  • Russian Vodka 08.09.11 @ 5:35am

    I love it.

  • techwitch 08.09.11 @ 5:34am

    He will get his revenge… in his mind46!

  • Tdog 08.09.11 @ 4:23am

    This is SAD.
    AND amazing.

  • Pete 08.09.11 @ 4:16am

    That is AMAZING!

  • Actually? 08.09.11 @ 3:52am

    First? I knew there was a benefit to staying up ridiculously late!

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