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Flip that frown upside down. You'll never know what'll get flipped back at you.


  • wuthvcr 12.05.16 @ 10:15pm

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  • Jesse 09.11.11 @ 5:39pm

    “i think i’m in love again” ^^

  • I just likes to laughs! 09.08.11 @ 3:52am

    She was also Jan in “Half-Baked”.

  • YOU LOSE THE INTERNET!!! 09.07.11 @ 1:49am

    really not5sf, you are going to ruin the entire62 video for a (nonexistent) flaw in the name?

  • notBright 09.06.11 @ 11:04pm

    hey not5sf its called 5 second films not 5 second video file the film/scene that took place was 5 seconds 2 seconds for the title of the film 1 second for The End you stupid moron god I hate people!

  • not5sf 09.06.11 @ 9:35pm

    8 seconds

  • rectalworm 09.06.11 @ 8:14pm

    Based on this TV pilot, I’d say Fuck You is the most promising mid-season show of 2012.

  • Alicia 09.06.11 @ 4:47pm

    She’s Sarah Silverman’s sister not just in her show. Her name is Laura Silverman and she’s amazing.

  • Buffy 09.06.11 @ 4:30pm

    How cute is this? Great idea, people! I love a good sight gag. Keep on going- you’ve got a fan here in NH!

  • Val 09.06.11 @ 3:55pm

    Maybe next they can get Ben to guest star.

  • kalvynevans 09.06.11 @ 1:03pm

    When Mormons come to my front door, I smile, say hello, and then say “Wait here! I’ll be right back!” Then I close the door, and slip out the back.

  • the_nozzle_poots 09.06.11 @ 11:03am

    So, too, can a single finger… am I right44?

  • oxyrotten 09.06.11 @ 6:44am

    i think shes sarah silvermans sister in that show she did on comedy central

  • Biglolz 09.06.11 @ 6:40am

    The description frikkin killed me

  • CJWoods 09.06.11 @ 4:57am


  • padurn 09.06.11 @ 2:47am

    I love that a Mormon told her to fuck off.

  • Dr. Who? 09.06.11 @ 2:12am

    I can’t place86 her… who is she again?

  • TheONLYchuck 09.06.11 @ 1:11am

    i knew13 it

  • Dr. Dog 09.06.11 @ 12:33am

    I’ve had a crush on Laura ever since Dr. Katz… oh my god I love you 5sf.

  • Mr Jacinto 09.06.11 @ 12:24am

    I like how Twitter followers always get the first scoop on the latest 5sfilm.

    Then again, I did hate how YouTube subbers always got it a day late.

  • Rayge 09.06.11 @ 12:24am

    and next special guest is, sarah silverman? :D

  • TDog 09.06.11 @ 12:12am

    ...And such a beautiful smile at that.

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