Yeti Cop

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​ORIGINAL PROMPT: A  POLICE OFFICER is pinned down by a group of crooks (gangbangers? 1920s gangsters?). He's calling for back up, but it looks like hes not going to get it. He breathes a deep sigh and remembers his family, friends, and dog. He makes peace with his god and is about to go out in a blaze of glory...He is interrupted by the sudden appearance YETI COP who promptly dispatches the crooks and saves the day; getting all the glory.  Yeti Cop (he's basically a yeti who joined the police force) is the cop who does things HIS OWN WAY and is described as the LOOSE CANNON of the force. The POLICE OFFICER ( John Silverwater) goes on to be his partner and is the straight laced by the book type.


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