• Ways to Say No (And Still Be Cool)


    For more information on how to be drug-free and radicool, call the Hennipen County Kool Kidz hotline at 1-800-700-6000 or mail in for our...

  • Don’t Sinko Into De Struction


    On the next episode of "Intervention," a neglected black cat, an underpaid mariachi band and friends convene to save Jon and Brian from...

  • Getting to Know Her


    There is a battle that rages in all men, between the cordial fellow attempting conversation and the wounded, jealous cad expecting athletic...

  • Ask a Lobster


    Send a self-addressed envelope with appropriate postage to ASK A LOBSTER, Chicago IL, 60652. Questions will be answered in the order they...

  • Vinyl Condoms


    Don't just buy the Extended LP version to look cool if it's not the right fit.

  • Osama Bin Laden’s Final Video


    It was when they answered the door as "Pizza Hut" that he knew something was awry. Only Domino's had the sweet pizza-tracker app that let...

  • Creepy Hug


    Some hugs are creepier than others.

  • Joy Ride


    When the cops do drunk-stops in this town, they usually make you get out and walk a straight line while high-fiving them and reciting the...