Absence of the Towels

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It gets the towel from the bedroom. It does this whenever it's hungover.


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  • Jake 11.21.14 @ 10:58pm

    Is that the law??


  • Ramona 11.16.13 @ 8:06pm

    My room mate and I totally lost it when we saw this one. His little waddle is what sold it. HILARIOUS!

  • Autobahn 08.14.13 @ 3:14am

    oh God damn!!!!!

  • Retro Shout 06.07.13 @ 8:02pm

    chiantia, fava beans and firenzi’s liver. the silence of the rest.

  • Janees 05.16.13 @ 5:23am

    the hell was that?

  • BmeBenji 02.03.13 @ 8:19pm

    I want to know how many takes this took…

  • David Davidson 09.18.12 @ 9:01pm

    RIP Ryan Dunn

  • John 09.10.12 @ 8:12am

    As I was standing there, looking deeply into my kitty sock puppet for answers, I realized I did not like this world.  It could have been the rum sans coke, and it’s damage to my body.  That is likely.  But, as I try to come to grips with this world, Chester the Man Molester, also known as Roomie, further adds to my feelings of shame and discomfort. 

    For that, we salute him.

  • Balls 09.03.12 @ 2:00am

    @tags-sempai, @cocodaddy.

    It is a Silence of the Lambs parody. It’s the scene where Buffalo Bill dresses up in makeup and tucks his junk under and dances around and says “would you fuck me?” “I’d fuck me, I’d fuck me so hard.”

    It’s right after the “Put the lotion in the fucking basket!” scene.

  • TheJassi-fricka-nation 08.22.12 @ 6:15pm

    Weird thing is, I have adblock, and I just watched this…

    Second weird thing, if I couldn’t watch this, I’d probably just turn off my adblock…

    It’s, like, two mouse clicks and an F5. If I’m really worried, I can turn it back on after watching… I really don’t know what I just watched… But still, besides the point.

  • tagz-sempai 07.19.12 @ 8:13am

    @Cocodaddy I think its a “exorcist” reference not silence of the lambs

  • Adblock 06.07.12 @ 7:00am

    Why are you surprised or angry when your service doesn’t work with adblock on. THAT’S HOW THEY PAY FOR IT. You are exchanging your time or screen-space for that service or entertainment. This is how commerce works.

  • fuckadblock 05.29.12 @ 10:14pm

    All of you adblock cunts who don’t feel like watching the video because of it not letting you due to your adblock, THERE ISN’T EVEN A FUCKING AD. YOU DON’T EVEN NEED THE FUCKING ADBLOCK FOR THIS.

  • adblock 05.24.12 @ 2:34am

    I can’t watch because of my adblock?

    you guys are assholes, enjoy your little fucked up website that 90% of firefox users don’t fucking visit it.

  • c0c0daddy 05.24.12 @ 12:50am

    I was recently asked by a close colleague of mine to describe what this film was about. How to describe a piece of art in such few words? How does one describe the Sistine Chapel? It’s beautiful. Yes, but what is REALLY going on?

    Well, basically we see a young adult, who will be referred to as YA1 from here on out, coming out out what seems to be your everyday, run of the mill shower. Why was he taking a shower? For how long? Did he use conditioner? We do not know. The suspense builds.

    Conflict arises within this work when our protagonist, YA1, realizes that he there is no towel made available to him to dry off with. Why isn’t it there? Did he forget to have one ready? What liquid-absorbent material is the towel made of? IS THERE EVEN A TOWEL?

    YA1 realized the gravity of his situation when he concludes that he IS INDEED ‘‘left for wet’‘. Thus he opts to perform that which is known in American pop-culture as “The Buffalo Bill Tuck”. It is the basic act of trying to hide one’s penis between his legs whilst having an erection, for either sexually arousal, comical, or disturbing effects. Such was the case for this deed’s namesake, Buffalo Bill, as was seen the movie “The Silence of the Lambs”.

    Furthermore, YA1 decides to perturb another male who appears to be his roommate and is referred to as “John”. He does so by doing a side-crab across their seemingly shared living space area (while John stands across in their kitchen) whilst in full “Buffalo Bill Tuck”, asking John (in a deep voice, again reminiscent of Buffalo Bill) if he would engage in sexual intercourse with him. Naturally John is unsettled by this attack on the senses. Why would YA1 commit such a travesty? Why not just look for a towel? Are there in fact, no towels? Was he even wet? Did he even take a shower?

    Even more surprising is John’s reaction. During the “Tucked Crab Walk” performed by YA1, John clearly gets a view of the perversion that YA1 has turned himself into. Yet, he follows this up by taking the Lord’s name in vein and cursing right after. How much did John see? Why did he bother looking at YA1 if he heard YA1 making such a suspiciously odd voice first? Has he seen this schtick before? Did he know it was coming? Was he indeed disgusted, or perhaps aroused? Perhaps the anger we are shown in his reaction is a mere front, to disguise the latent homosexual urges he harbors towards YA1 when he sees his sleek and nubile body, in all it’s physical attractiveness?

    And after 5 seconds, the film ends with seemingly more questions than answers. There is more words exchanged between YA1 and John after the post credits, but the bulk of the damage has already been done. The presence of possibly corrupt and shady characters are in-line with the noir style of film. Yet the lack of darkly-tinted, low-key lighting, and the suburban setting modernize the film to the neo-noir school. The constant questioning of every character’s motives and fast-paced cut scenes are clear contributors to the thriller genre.

    Does YA1 run back a second time to continue his onslaught on John? Does John follow YA1 and confess his undying love for YA1? ARE THERE ANY TOWELS IN THIS HOUSE? These are the main questions one is left with after viewing this film. It’s clear that the director leaves the ending ambiguous so that the viewer can fill in his own blanks. That is to say, the viewer has now become the story teller, and in a sense is given a test to learn more about him/herself as a person, depending on how he/she answers said questions. This is where the artistic side of the film shines through. And lastly the 5 second time frame is the clear element of this film that makes it fit the criterion of being an experimental film. So much is said in so little time, such is life.

    In conclusion, this is a brilliant piece of modern day cinema, and I wouldn’t be surprised if we heard more about “Absence of The Towels” a lot more come awards season. Additionally, if I had to assign films that I thought to be clear and apparent influences to the film maker, I’d list them as so:

    Silence of the Lambs <—-(Ha, obviously…)
    A Clockwork Orange
    Blue Velvet
    Weekend at Bernie's

  • ejidhoueh 04.20.12 @ 7:50pm

    What the holy fuck?

  • plergs 03.26.12 @ 8:31pm

    lol disable ad block for a 5 second video? nope.

  • janny 03.13.12 @ 2:12pm

    anyoneles wonder what he was doing withthe cat???

  • Faye 03.09.12 @ 4:57pm

    i watched this about over 1,000 time its soo funny just like the rest of them :D

  • Mercedes 01.19.12 @ 8:05pm

    I just have to keep watching this one over, and over, and over again! Awesome!

  • Gabby 12.13.11 @ 11:32pm

    ya know, i dont even know what this is about but i just keep watching it bc of the weird thing he is saying.

  • StickySam 12.03.11 @ 8:12pm

    Wow, talk about brave! The execution and reaction was perfect for this, I was literally ROFLing.

    On a side note, yes Brian, I would fuck you. SO HARD.

  • howarthm 11.18.11 @ 5:26pm

    Would you fuck me john, I would fuck you so hard

  • bheahan 11.09.11 @ 7:14pm


  • Mmara 11.07.11 @ 6:32am

    lol….oohhhh noooo!

  • The Austin 10.24.11 @ 4:59pm

    The ones with movie references are some of the best wink

  • Rebee 09.26.11 @ 5:59pm

    Crying. This is most awesome.

  • shit. 09.21.11 @ 11:59am

    needs digital technology in my opinion

  • FreebiesandDeals 09.14.11 @ 6:14am

    That is soooo funny!!

  • Boogi 09.08.11 @ 12:20am

    Good sense of humour…..Oh jon you make me sick ukhhhhhhawwww…

  • John 09.03.11 @ 2:45am

    Lol at reaction xD

  • Niceguy Eddie 08.23.11 @ 3:43pm

    ROTFLMAO!  Classic.

  • Erik Gee 08.09.11 @ 7:46am

    Does anyone know the name of the vid where a kid says “I’m not ready for sex”  “What are you? Pussy?”

  • Quenelle 08.06.11 @ 4:02am



  • Erich 06.08.11 @ 5:40am

    He’s wearing underwear in the shower.

  • editing services 05.20.11 @ 6:15am

    What a funny video! Thanks!

  • daymare 05.06.11 @ 2:53am

    Doesn’t he have a penis? or I cannot see it?

  • forums 05.02.11 @ 10:15am

    Absence of the Towels. my new favorite

  • Larry 04.24.11 @ 6:31am

    Too funny can’t stop laughing.

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    what a stulid man!!! ugly!!!

  • Dissertation Help 03.14.11 @ 3:20am

    Now that’s what I call quality entertainment. Good clip by the way.

  • batterie 02.28.11 @ 8:36pm

    What Im wonderin is that dude touched It.

  • WouldYouFuckMeJohn 02.16.11 @ 2:20pm

    Geez… if you don’t get this, or if you think this is a “Clerks 2” reference, like the dumbass who commented previously, this is a reference to the character Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs (see below)  The end of the video will clear this up for you:


  • ALDEEZY 02.03.11 @ 9:47am


  • EviL EsKiMo 01.31.11 @ 6:00pm

    not quite24 what we expected

    fuhking hilarious though

  • lol 12.27.10 @ 12:54pm


  • Kai 12.09.10 @ 12:48pm

    Never gets old.

  • Deacon Frost 12.08.10 @ 4:52pm

    OMG for real dude ? lol so rude god damn indeed mister haha.

  • man_in_the_box 12.08.10 @ 4:01am

    Nice movie). Maybe I should write a critical essay about it.

  • man_in_the_box 12.08.10 @ 3:57am

    Nice movie. Maybe I should write a critical essay about it.

  • Beamer 11.28.10 @ 8:39pm

    It’s not good, but lots of people like it. So it’s like McDonalds.

  • Mgn 11.10.10 @ 4:24am

    His lobster-like walk is the icing on the cake.

  • RobotHorse 11.10.10 @ 3:45am

    Is that Ryan Dunn?

  • bearcub 10.25.10 @ 5:54am

    U know that anyone who’s ever had a roommate has just had EVERY argument validated!!;p

  • phydoughx 10.24.10 @ 2:23am

    just incredibly funny… period

  • disappointment was always my favorite dish 10.19.10 @ 5:42pm

    This 5sf makes every mediocre day… bearable.

  • Ian 10.18.10 @ 6:09pm

    Why is this the number one watched one and the one where Olivia shakes her breasts isn’t? One problem everyone has is apparently we want to see Brian’s one penis.


  • Get it right! 10.18.10 @ 3:35pm

    It’s… “Would you fuck me, Jon? I’d fuck me so hard”

  • Clarice 10.14.10 @ 8:55pm

    haaaaahahahahahaha!!...‘errrr, what are you, about a size 14?’...‘wha—’ ...‘THWACK’...

  • nutucker 10.08.10 @ 9:14am

    the walk kills me, followed with the o.s. “I’d Fu*k me so hard”...must have watched this 50 times.

  • Yellow Jester 10.07.10 @ 6:34pm

    he’s got a towel in the first shot.

  • cyperguy 10.07.10 @ 3:27pm

    EYE BLEACH, please!

  • awesomeperson 10.04.10 @ 11:24am

    He says:
    “Would you fuck me Jon?”

    and then Jon says:
    “Aw, God damnit!

    and the other guy says:
    “I’d fuck you so hard.”

  • dudeman 09.30.10 @ 2:36pm


  • Wsx 09.24.10 @ 9:55am

    Well, it’s something new84.

  • Radioactive Moments 09.22.10 @ 7:12am

    this is the best one. not to mention the fact that im sporting a huge hard on right now.

  • lavunte 09.20.10 @ 3:35pm

    PUT ON THE LOTION!!!! lol

  • Super Grover 09.11.10 @ 2:58pm

    Wow, balls man. You’ve got ‘em. But I can’t see ‘em.

  • dan 09.11.10 @ 1:09pm

    hahaha, human zoidberg !!!

  • vigorous anal sex 09.10.10 @ 7:33pm

    Would I fuck him?

  • minetruly 09.06.10 @ 10:22am

    The reason Brian was hired in the first place was for his uncanny ability to impersonate serial killers.

  • Groooor 09.06.10 @ 10:21am

    Nice colors on this one.

  • TommyGun 09.03.10 @ 10:17am

    shitting my pants laughing. i had about twenty people around the computer at work the other night crying laughing.

  • oneliner 09.03.10 @ 2:42am

    Aaaaa oh my god even though my eyelids have been charred by this, I watched it more then 10 times. It’s disturbing for the fact that my friends would actually do stuff like this.

  • Bow_chika_wow_wow 09.01.10 @ 6:00am

    The funniest part is the reaction, because it perfectly conveys just how often this shit happens.

  • Erica 08.27.10 @ 10:32pm

    That is the best thing I have ever seen.

  • BRUH 08.26.10 @ 9:47am

    ya mutha7.23.10 @ 12:25am
    “clerks 2 reference, ha.”

    You are either the biggest troll in the world or proof of why Kevin Smith needs to die.

  • Zajber 08.22.10 @ 10:17am

    Was that James Hetfield at the end? Oo

    Anyway, that… was…. AWESOME!!1!1!!!

  • David 08.22.10 @ 1:58am

    Hehe, the guy in the kitchen kinda looks like Ryan Dunn smile

  • Christoph 08.21.10 @ 5:54am

    This is my all time favorite.  Thank you!!!

  • Joseph 08.16.10 @ 9:00am

    Hahahahahaha.  Well played, gentlemen.

  • minetruly 08.15.10 @ 8:27pm

    Hard to threaten someone with a hose when they’re already wet.

    Right after a shower is the perfect time to apply lotion, though.

  • minetruly 08.15.10 @ 8:25pm

    I’ll admit, that the first thing that comes to mind when I’m out of towels is not serial killers.

  • James 08.13.10 @ 9:07pm

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahha. this is one of the funniest ish i ever saw. hahahahahahaha.

  • Annie 08.12.10 @ 9:59am

    Oh man…That got me. That was hilarious!

  • Pangea 08.03.10 @ 10:29am

    Phil Hoffman from Happiness at the end there. Good one.

  • Beeeeeeestoked 08.01.10 @ 7:12pm

    I am literally in tears, laughing my ass off after i’ve already watched it 50 times.

    Def my favorite.

  • Unfire 07.30.10 @ 6:34am

    Dear god.  I went and played this on a 42 inch screen for a room full of friends, and couldn’t hear the last line over the laughter.  This and “Super Psyched” are the best.

  • QUiXiLVER 07.29.10 @ 2:45pm

    Wow. He really is playing with a little stuffed kitty.

  • R.A.I.U. 07.28.10 @ 11:12pm

    one of the biggest comment generators I’ve seen
    Anyhow, the funniest thing about it for me is I actually did that a while back…

  • Shayne 07.28.10 @ 8:48pm

    I have not stopped laughing for 5 minutes.  I’m in tears.  haha Nice work.

  • Monika's dad 07.28.10 @ 11:39am

    How old is a little boy when he realizes he can make his package “go away”?

  • Arabian 07.28.10 @ 10:59am

    Hahahahaha one of the best by far.

  • Alicia Marie 07.28.10 @ 6:07am

    I love this. Best one I’ve seen yet!

  • Hibou 07.27.10 @ 3:35pm

    Definitively one of my favorites!

  • Eatintea 07.27.10 @ 12:41am

    You gotta admit, that is one unique sideways walk.  And, that is a hairy man with a kitten doll.  Good thing the video is so short46.

  • pressed fruit bowl 07.26.10 @ 9:46am

    made me LOl so hard I pee’d a little bit

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