Another Success

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​There's nothing quite like the feeling of another Christmas come and gone. All the hustle and bustle of the season, the anticipation of the big day, footsteps coming down the stairs, two shots to the chest and two to the head, heating up the pot of crisp country apple cider, putting on the Perry Como Christmas, dissolving the bodies in the bathtub, hearing that crinkle of paper unwrapping, eating the traditional Christmas butter left out for good ol' Saint Nick, wiping prints off the staircase railing and the bathroom door handle, kicking back on the couch, pulling up the blanket, hearing that fireplace crackle and pop, checking surveillance camera footage of the neighbor's house next door to make sure they didn't hear anything, and staring out the snowy windowpane with the promise of next year when you'll do it all over again. Nothing like it, yessir.


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