Grown Men Are Talking

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The Animal Clothing Co. is a no-bullshit, all-suits empire, a glowing example of capitalism gone horribly right. These are the powerful, confident stallions who run it, amidst a blur of cigar smoke and 100-proof alcohol. This is their story.


  • umbpnp 12.01.16 @ 5:26pm

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  • NotSoCuddly 01.03.13 @ 6:12am

    If only I could enter the bar as either of the clones entered this clip. 

    I wonder how many sacrificial virgins I could leave with?

  • El Gorlaco 12.04.12 @ 11:24pm

    Why hadn’t I ever seen this awesome crap before?

  • kurt 08.22.12 @ 10:46am

    does the prist look like Tom from eddsworld

  • Johnny boy 07.27.12 @ 3:45am

    Does the employee of the month photo look like Anthony Rapp to anyone else?

  • Brett 07.11.12 @ 3:00pm

    Every time I watch this, I go a little bit crazier.

    Well done, ole chaps. Well done.

  • grim0ire 07.06.12 @ 7:42pm

    song is locomotion by john coltrane.

  • JaMaupin 06.29.12 @ 2:57pm

    Wow, I’m dranking from the same Jim Beam Black gift set glass(not a plug, but a problem indeed.).

  • green_man 06.16.12 @ 12:57am

    But… Richards didn’t kill Duphrane…

  • Brakman 05.29.12 @ 2:29pm

    They buried him in a table..

  • Ben Morris 05.24.12 @ 7:30am

    God I love his moustache

  • Oblivious kid in a strip club 05.21.12 @ 7:21pm

    Better than Mad Men

  • codenameverity 05.12.12 @ 11:57pm

    definitely the best 5sf ever.

  • Daspic 05.07.12 @ 5:56am

    I can’t stop watching this! I found it last week and have watched it every day since hehe. Top notch stuff!

  • Shenanigans! 05.06.12 @ 12:31pm

    Mad Men: 5SF Edition.

  • Llamaqueen 05.03.12 @ 1:20pm

    This is my favorite clip you guys have ever made

  • thatlynchkid 04.09.12 @ 3:59pm

    How do I pre-book that priest for my funeral?

  • JBruce 04.01.12 @ 7:29pm

    is that clifford brown and max roach as soundtrack? :D

  • Andrew 03.08.12 @ 10:08pm

    That was on par with classic Monty Python.

  • Chris 02.29.12 @ 10:39am

    I like that they wrote it so that it’d still be funny if you cut it up so that it was a bunch of 5SF’s. So there’s a laugh every five seconds. Yep.

  • tron28 02.26.12 @ 6:16am


    I think they’ve already lost their minds actually…

  • EpicPanda 02.23.12 @ 11:10am

    Aren’t you guys getting insane after all these genius idea’s? raspberry

  • oliver 02.22.12 @ 4:30am

    i love this video i cant stop watching it

  • Collin 02.21.12 @ 2:51pm

    This is extremely silly. Keep up the good work.

  • Raz 02.11.12 @ 1:34pm

    Everyone here needs to do the Boss Stride,Like the Manly Brian here

  • Dennis 01.28.12 @ 6:59pm


  • Matt 01.11.12 @ 1:33am

    Fantastic! This, right here, is why I can’t go a day without shuffling through this site.

  • Man Solo 01.04.12 @ 10:34am

    Also, Brian somersaulting.

  • Man Solo 01.04.12 @ 10:29am

    I’ve practically memorized every line in this, and I still crack a tear from laughter.

    Brilliant. Fucking brilliant.

  • Jay 01.02.12 @ 12:22pm

    Longest 5 seconds of my life

  • The Dunwich Horror 12.19.11 @ 10:17pm

    WHY THE FLASK?!?!?
    Dufresne you COCKROACH!!!

  • Dufrain 12.14.11 @ 7:07pm

    why the flask in his grave?

  • Classier Than Thou 12.11.11 @ 8:19pm

    Am I the only one that recognized the Thelonious Monk Quartet playing Straight, No Chaser in the cigar room? Mufufufufufufu

  • Mr Ugly 12.10.11 @ 3:27pm

    did anyone else notice that the pose that Richards Strikes just when speaking of Korea, is the exact same pose in the picture above his head? this is at least the 50th time i’ve watched this video and i just now noticed it.

  • itsbacon 12.07.11 @ 10:04am

    “Well gentlemen, we just killed Dufrain.”


  • wowo 12.06.11 @ 10:14pm

    Clone pout.

  • Apache287 11.28.11 @ 1:50pm

    Is it me or does the priest look like Abe Lincoln

  • Evil Gopher 11.21.11 @ 11:25am

    Straight. no chaser.

  • Chimp 11.14.11 @ 8:07am

    wow! everything is good!!! it’s fast and dynamic and it end in an absurd manner! simply love it

  • JAVALIN597 11.01.11 @ 6:12pm

    Am i the only one who thinks the priest at the end looks like Hugh Jackman?

  • Hurdy Gurdy 10.31.11 @ 3:58pm

    uhm… did anyone notice that the priest at the end is right in front of the deer head trophy…? so the priest has antlers and deer-ears? wierd…

  • Nebakanezer 10.30.11 @ 1:30am


  • rhiga 10.28.11 @ 5:53am

    We need a Prequel

  • TDog 10.28.11 @ 2:32am

    -music stops-

  • TDog 10.26.11 @ 11:34pm

    2:06 I love his movements.
    “I served with his father in koo-reeeuuhh.”

  • shit 10.26.11 @ 6:17pm

    2:04 HAH

  • rhiga 10.26.11 @ 4:39pm

    Damn you Dufrain!!!!

  • Alchem 10.25.11 @ 9:19pm

    Great film, anyone who disagrees shall have the boy choke out of them.

    Even the women.
    Who should not have said anything to begin with since grown men are talking.

  • Hurdy Gurdy 10.25.11 @ 1:51am

    these long films make my life. :D :D :D :D :D

  • Richard DuSparks III 10.24.11 @ 10:41pm

    I am so proud of all of you. Brava.

  • Beanz 10.24.11 @ 7:42am

    Impressive az shit.

  • TDog 10.24.11 @ 3:33am


    That is all.

  • imagminedmind 10.24.11 @ 12:23am


  • joshua benitez 10.23.11 @ 9:15pm

    funny as sh!t

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