The Nutritionist

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Faster than a cayenne pepper-inspired bowel movement. More powerful than a fish diet rich in anti-oxidants! Able to leap tall stacks of health magazines with theories and research that cancel each other a single bound!


  • nobumfsh 11.29.16 @ 8:08pm

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  • dead.juice 11.23.12 @ 6:51am

    It’s only at times like this that I wish 5SF was slower paced. I’m trying to see that awesome hand-motion Paul gave to him when he said “suck it”.

  • Robodog 06.30.11 @ 6:35am


    I don’t know, the “shit” in robodog might be better. But yea, this is awesome.

  • Not Numbered Fan! 04.22.11 @ 7:48pm


  • Gamegeneral 11.29.10 @ 6:58am

    Why does the entire cast have a tendency to throw things when they get distracted?

  • Toasted 10.15.10 @ 11:54am

    “Suck it”, best delivered line in 5sf history.

  • John Couper 10.03.10 @ 10:36pm

    I need to sort59 my life out.

  • See? 08.09.10 @ 3:21pm

    Needs more multiplier keys.

  • The Sentient Houseplant 07.31.10 @ 11:26am

    The Nutritionist is at the end of his rope with this shit.

  • tomcringle 07.30.10 @ 1:30pm

    gotta love the hand gesture. also, i really wanted to paul to throw up again.

  • Creed 07.29.10 @ 6:09am

    @lukie That wasn’t a tapeworm.

  • the one and only... 07.29.10 @ 3:58am

    utah, y’ain’t funny! and paul, was the hand motion necessary? i mean, it makes the whole video funny, but i’ve never seen someone do that and say “suck it” at the same time…

  • JU5SF 07.28.10 @ 9:22pm

    Dicks, I love to suck them

  • HipsterSuperman 07.28.10 @ 5:54pm

    So, we meet again, my arch nemesis! Prepare to be bored to death by my obscure indie band music anthem!

  • Omega 07.28.10 @ 5:35pm

    You’ve lost again, Utah, and this time, it didn’t even take Firenzi to beat you. You once held34 some compotency, but no more.

  • Arabian 07.28.10 @ 3:43pm

    Go OPS!

  • OPS 07.28.10 @ 3:41pm

    @Arabian. High five!

  • JU5SF 07.28.10 @ 3:37pm

    i heart whale cock

  • Timmy Utah 07.28.10 @ 2:18pm

    No, dad! No!

  • dev 07.28.10 @ 1:43pm

    F yes I’m diggin the costume.

  • It's Paul! 07.28.10 @ 12:06pm

    to answer his question, it was because his alter-ego let that guy throw-up on him MULTIPLE times not more than a week ago. (that is Paul, right?)

  • Arabian 07.28.10 @ 12:03pm

    It was like for two weeks, and she kept talking about her regularity.

  • lukie 07.28.10 @ 11:57am

    no, but i do remember when keli went on the cayenne pepper lemon juice and maple syrup diet, and ate a tapeworm that she got from creed!

  • Arabian 07.28.10 @ 10:47am

    Anyone remember when Sandy went on the Cayenne pepper Lemon Juice Maple Syrup diet?

  • ME 07.28.10 @ 9:16am

    Ah, the Nutritionist.  About as effective a superhero as Captain Cockblock and Spastic Colon Boy.  And about as popular.

  • MrSpinkleswirth 07.28.10 @ 9:01am

    epic tong throwing.

  • xxemiliahxx 07.28.10 @ 7:35am

    @Wait Wait Wait haha you’re welcome!

  • Wait Wait Wait 07.28.10 @ 6:51am

    @xxemiliahxx thanks! lol i though it was ” is That bomb Fresh and Organic?” at first that that would be stupid… >_> ..... <_< ......  0_0 ..

  • xxemiliahxx 07.28.10 @ 6:27am

    @Wait Wait Wait he’s saying “is that farm fresh organic?”

  • Wait Wait Wait 07.28.10 @ 6:20am

    what does he say? i heard This.. WAIT! is That ___ Fresh and organic?” wats the blank space

  • Sarcastic Name 07.28.10 @ 5:55am

    To answer his question, nobody respects you because your mother was a hamster and your father smelled of elderberries.

  • YOU LOSE THE INTERNET!!! 07.28.10 @ 5:15am

    to answer his question, Because nobody cares about nutrition, if they did fast food joints would be out of buisness.

  • Cloven 07.28.10 @ 3:42am

    Wow he really hurls those tongs, awesome!

  • GraveZombie 07.28.10 @ 3:18am

    Nutritionist is not a protected term. The correct term is Dietician, which is the protected term. Anyone can call them selves a Nutritionist. Which makes the fact its a super hero calling himself that means it could be anyone…

  • St-Ban 07.28.10 @ 3:11am

    Yo, you guys completely forgot about the real true essence of 5SFs, about epic stuff throwing, like that burger flipper…  (awesome, by the way!)
    You guys became him! You didn’t defeat him, HE defeated YOU! Just like Mr. Smith, when he takes power of the Oracle’s body by penetrating her torso with his right hand….

    Nice video, btw! grin

  • Totti 07.28.10 @ 2:00am

    And I still don’t know if I should comment on Utah being third, or about the video being ‘meh….’ for me today…meh

  • Damie 07.28.10 @ 12:42am

    Utah has 2 videos showing how to comment first. Revealing everything about how he does it. So unless the first 2 are part of this game. I see another big step forward for that guy, which is created by you guys.

    You guys are becoming like him. There is not even one single comment about the video yet & you call it Utah defeated.

  • Herring! 07.28.10 @ 12:14am

    YES! UTAH IS DEFEATED! lets give a hand77 to ‘from accounting’ and ‘pwned’.
    And OT, I’ve been there before.

  • Nave 07.28.10 @ 12:00am

    Your “Utah’d” versions are pretty damn stupid. You should leave the 5sf’s to the professionals…

  • Decadency 07.27.10 @ 11:54pm

    its not really that we dont like you cause you smell like cabbage but more like we dont like cabbage cause it smells like you…..

  • JU5SF 07.27.10 @ 11:36pm

    Nobody loves me. I smell like cabbage.

  • LuisN 07.27.10 @ 11:09pm

    Dude! I totally forgot about today’s 5sf >_< Well, there is always tomorrow.

  • IcarusReloaded 07.27.10 @ 11:08pm

    Looks like Mr Utah,
    (Puts on Sunglasses)
    Just got mushroom stamped.
    (Takes off sunglasses and has a party with Ron Burgendy and the cheetos dude.)

  • Pwned 07.27.10 @ 11:02pm

    Johnny Utah, you suck. Just give up already… everyone hates you.

  • From Accounting 07.27.10 @ 11:00pm

    Random nonsensical statement that doesn’t actually pertain to the film at hand. Also, a youtube link.

  • Mister Kay 07.27.10 @ 11:00pm

    No, Johnny Utah…. No…

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