Douchebag Co-Worker

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He starts abusing his powers of slacker charisma around the time he has ten beers in him, which is usually 9:30 AM.


  • Gildylocks 03.12.10 @ 11:27am

    Jon and Ben are the two most attractive, i think… in my book.

  • daria 12.30.09 @ 9:36am

    whys he wearing a rosary

  • ShitKicker 09.23.09 @ 4:45pm

    Fucking douche bag. Reminds me of Robert at SSC.

  • charls 08.28.09 @ 11:33am

    hahaha this is it. the favorite

  • Clara 08.23.09 @ 5:28pm

    Now I say “BOOM shakalaka”... and I like it.

  • Colecovision 08.18.09 @ 4:49am

    Eh, hmm. Investments.  I do investments. Consulting in the business, analysing, stocks, ... NASDAQ, Dow Jones,  Wall Street Journal, New York City . .. CNN. ~ Gord Brody

  • Huh 08.05.09 @ 7:21pm

    Newcastle!? What chew smoking? That be Anchor Steam.

  • Blue star 08.05.09 @ 3:24pm

    Love the fact that he is drinking Newcastle Brown Ale

  • Carth 08.04.09 @ 7:06pm

    “Hey, Jon Worley here, improve your job performance with Stuff-a-Beer!” *downs ten of them with his product* “Dividend interest rates!”


  • Shmoe 08.04.09 @ 11:35am

    hahhaha awesome one…..and yes what a douchebag

  • moog 08.04.09 @ 7:40am

    At least Douchebag Co-worker found Jesus… and Anchor Steam.

  • Jeff 08.04.09 @ 6:55am

    Boom chaka laka, hahaha

  • SuperKev 08.04.09 @ 6:51am

    I wish i had ten beers in me at work by 9:30am! ROCK! “Dividend Interest Rates….AAAAAAAAAAARRRRGRGGGHHHHH!”

  • lord of the rings freko 08.04.09 @ 5:31am


  • I2704 08.03.09 @ 11:51pm


    Lol this is my new favorite vid.

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