The Ballad of Truck Thunders

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His brother, always one to try and copy Truck's genius with wordplay, had his name legally changed to "Ama Pan," but never found the chance to have his last name spoken first in any setting. Plus, he lost his Halen tape anyway.


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  • ^that guy smells^ 07.17.11 @ 8:46pm

    the ball-numbing brilliance cannot be captured in words. I’ll need some kind of brain-tingle pokeball for this one!

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  • Oblivious kid in a strip club 03.01.11 @ 7:25am

    lol at groupie jumping up in the back

  • Arnster 07.15.10 @ 3:04am

    and I’d like to say heelllll *puts on moustache sunglasses*  YEEEEEAAAAHHH

  • Redphoenix 06.30.10 @ 4:21pm

    I’m sorry, but the childlike excitement in his face is heartwarming…..

  • Jules 06.30.10 @ 5:59am

    galactic win

  • Redphoenix 06.28.10 @ 9:01pm

    Judge with a white wig - good
    Man in a mullet - AweSome
    ACDC, Thunderstruck ~ pure, unadulterated, EPIC PRICELESSNESS!!!!!!!!

  • arrn 06.01.10 @ 4:10pm

    ahhahahah fucking hilarious, i got it right before the tune played

  • Perp 05.29.10 @ 9:35pm

    My favorite part is that Truck Thunders is the DEFENDANT.

  • The Sentient Houseplant 05.28.10 @ 11:18am

    Totally worth it.

  • guy living in your sink 05.06.10 @ 3:17pm

    I’d change my name to Smith, Aero.

  • ***AC/DC*** 04.25.10 @ 2:21pm

    I like the ballad of Black Backin more.

  • Rose 04.02.10 @ 8:31pm

    Should have told the judge he was from Chico. Go Wildcats!!

  • The Boss 03.23.10 @ 5:33pm

    I just noticed Billy (the kid) (?) in the background…I love the detail

  • JB 03.12.10 @ 1:12am

    This is pure, unadultered genius. Extra points for it being about AC/DC.

  • Kevin 03.11.10 @ 4:33pm

    Is Olivia a priest in this one?

  • This is a Name 03.11.10 @ 3:55pm

    The thumb thrusting gets me every time

  • Walter Smokonth 03.11.10 @ 3:11pm

    Finally! A 5sf that understands me!

  • Rastamussen 03.11.10 @ 1:36pm


    Another WIN!

  • Morpheus 03.11.10 @ 12:34pm

    It took me two views, but god, that’s funny!

  • Jesse 03.11.10 @ 11:36am

    I love the John Cusack-esque raising of the Bose sound dock.

  • Swag 03.11.10 @ 10:58am

    what you have to notice about these videos are the other things going on, like kelsey who look likes shes having an orgasm, and the dude checking it out, and his anticipation to the judge saying his name

  • The Bear 03.11.10 @ 9:54am

    Best thumbnail ever

  • Kushie 03.11.10 @ 8:54am

    Mommy, I want a name change for Christmas

  • Adam 03.11.10 @ 7:55am

    judges from Chico

    and substitute teachers.

  • Wohn Jorley 03.11.10 @ 7:42am


    Love it!

  • Failed Punchline 03.11.10 @ 7:24am

    oh nevermind, I just had to listen closely enough to the judge.


    when else would your last name be read first?

  • Scante Warrior 03.11.10 @ 7:09am

    Not just funny folks, but “clever” funny

  • Adam 03.11.10 @ 6:44am

    “This is why you changed your name.”

    Epic line delivery.

    I loled.  Like four times.

    And if you don’t get it:  he changed his name so, that when last-name-first, it sounds like “Thunder struck”, which is a song by ACDC

  • Herring! 03.11.10 @ 4:44am

    @failed puncline: me too.

  • Failed Punchline 03.11.10 @ 4:11am

    I’m pretty sure this is the first one i don’t get.

  • ME 03.11.10 @ 4:01am

    Compleat with Intense Thumb Thrusting!

  • Alternating Current 03.11.10 @ 2:53am

    He could’ve also told the judge he’s from Chicos.

  • Jim 03.11.10 @ 1:59am

    see, Kevin, you can’t have a roll-over gag from the response thread. it doesn’t work like that


  • Kevin 03.10.10 @ 11:52pm

    He is really handsome and talented; he should consider becoming an actor.

  • Russian 03.10.10 @ 11:20pm

    That was really weird

  • nage 03.10.10 @ 11:11pm

    totally worth it

  • Black Backin 03.10.10 @ 11:07pm

    Lol, nice. His face in anticipation is priceless.

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