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5-Second Films is a vertically-branded viral humor depository, delivering original commercially-minded content to shareholders and upwardly mobile males, females and space chickens ages 18-35 (with disposable income) since October 30th, 2008.

Utilizing multiple social media outlets such as Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr, not to mention creating brand-new content just for Vine, 5-Second Films (5SF on the NYSE) has engineered a high level of Google+ clickthroughs thanks to: Screenings at the LA Film Festival, San Diego Comi-Con and SxSW; guest lectures at Pixar and USC; and appearances on humor-delivery youth-driven programs such as Tosh.0, Attack of the Show!, CNN and Larry King Live.

5-Second Films is based primarily in Los Angeles with an outlet in London, and is available for corporate retreats, viral advertising, dunk tank-related fundraising and hypnotherapy seminars for nursing school graduates. Please contact our booking agent at

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Brian Firenzi

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Do it for Johnny,


Brian is going to tell you the same thing he’s going to tell everyone at his 10-year high school reunion: After investing wisely in the stock market, Brian developed that one app that does that thing, pretty technical, don’t need to get into it, anyway it did pretty well. Then he did a bunch of uncredited voice work for commercials and Saturday morning cartoons, met all his idols in Hollywood, and after being buff and healthy for so long, has recently taken a $1 million payday to write a book about putting on weight for a year. What’s that, you say? Facebook? That must be some other Brian Firenzi (Walks over to the refreshments table, takes an extra cookie).

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