About Us

5-Second Films is a vertically-branded viral humor depository, delivering original commercially-minded content to shareholders and upwardly mobile males, females and space chickens ages 18-35 (with disposable income) since October 30th, 2008.

Utilizing multiple social media outlets such as Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr, not to mention creating brand-new content just for Vine, 5-Second Films (5SF on the NYSE) has engineered a high level of Google+ clickthroughs thanks to: Screenings at the LA Film Festival, San Diego Comi-Con and SxSW; guest lectures at Pixar and USC; and appearances on humor-delivery youth-driven programs such as Tosh.0, Attack of the Show!, CNN and Larry King Live.

5-Second Films is based primarily in Los Angeles with an outlet in London, and is available for corporate retreats, viral advertising, dunk tank-related fundraising and hypnotherapy seminars for nursing school graduates. Please contact our booking agent at

Meet the Cast & Crew


Maria del Carmen


On a stormy day in London, Maria was just a baby in a carriage, resting precariously at the top of a hill. Lightning struck a tree, sending a flaming branch crashing into the handlebars, and subsequently Maria rolled downhill, reaching incredible speeds. Through sheer luck, the carriage narrowly missed 12 cars as it wobbled through a busy intersection, slammed into a curb, and sent Maria flying into American internet comedy. To this day, she won’t do jokes about thunder or lightning.

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